Peace Dental Clinic Brings A Smile

Integrated Aesthetic Care

A truly beautiful smile is created and maintained on the secure foundations of excellent dental health, effective hygiene and effective function. When these basic building blocks of a smile are in place we PEACE can help you build a lasting beautiful smile. Dr Frederick and his team have a high degree of experience and training in a incorporating multiple phases of care into one comprehensive and beautiful result. When you present for a Smile Makeover consultation we will carefully evaluate and explain the current situation of your smile and how to bring it to its full potential in a safe, minimally invasive and long lasting way. Our discussion will include consideration of your overall facial structure and the set of your smile in your face. Then we will consider the features of your gums and teeth that effect your smile and the various means to enhance it such as orthodontics (tooth straightening), porcelain veneers and crowns, redeveloping and reshaping the gums and supporting structures of the teeth and replacement of teeth with dental implants. Only at PEACE can years of experience and clinical results come together to provide you with an excellent result in a minimum of time in one facility.