Peace Dental Clinic Brings A Smile

At PEACE our goal is for every patient to keep his or her natural teeth for life. However, that is not always possible. Some patients come having experienced inadequate care, damaged teeth due to trauma or congenitally missing teeth, for these patients, a prosthetic replacement using dental implants may be best possible life-long solution. Dr. Frederick has many years of experience providing implant treatment for hundreds of patients in the USA and Vietnam with excellent results. Based on his experience he is often asked to present on implant dentistry and related topics in regenerative dentistry at conferences and institutions throughout Vietnam and regionally.

Ta Thu Huong

Our customer service team at PEACE

Experienced the most significant growth in the past several years as we strive to deliver the best in customer service in your experience that surrounds your treatment session. Our team endeavor to make each interaction with you positive, clear and comfortable wither you are simply enquiring about fees or insurance by email or discussing face - to face the details of a family members up-coming procedure. The PEACE “patient-centered care” philosophy means our team seeks to understand and be understood when considering your unique set of concerns aiming to the find a way to say “YES” to your requests.

Do Tra Mi

Our technical team at PEACE

Have collectively many decades of experience in clinical care that enriches their dental training. Each technician subscribes to the PEACE dental philosophy of patient-centered care, always putting you first in the process of treatment wither assisting in a simple one appointment “check and clean” or a multiple year complex oral rehabilitation. Each team member is skilled and experienced in the PEACE dental approach and technologies in general dentistry and addition each person has developed a unique expertise in our specialized areas of care such as dental implants, periodontal plastic surgery, clear aligner orthodontics – Invisalign, and integrated aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Frederick Abel

Our PEACE professional team

Includes members from Vietnam, Australia and the United States. Each doctor has multiple years of experience in their respective fields holding multiple advanced degrees or postgraduate training certificates, in general dentistry, endodontic; implant dentistry and oral reconstruction, Perioplastic surgery, orthodontics, and anesthesia. Several of the doctors are active nationally or regionally as lecturers and trainers in their respective areas of interest. At PEACE our patient-centered approach means all of our experience and expertise is focused on your particular needs and developing the best treatment approach for you.